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About TEDX

Mission Statement

TEDX’s mission is to prevent damage to individuals from the moment they are conceived through the balance of their lives by chemicals that can alter how their bodies are formed and function. TEDX implements this mission by seeking out, selecting, organizing, reviewing, and interpreting scientific research relevant to chemicals that cause harm at low doses and/or at ambient exposure.

TEDX’s primary focus is endocrine disruption. TEDX also explores the effects of other chemicals that, like endocrine disruptors, undermine the potential of humans and animals.

TEDX pursues this mission in order to reduce or eliminate the production, use, accumulation, and dispersal of endocrine disruptors and other chemicals, which could cause harm to human and ecological health.

TEDX’s strategy to achieve this goal is to provide practical scientific information to academicians, policy makers, environmental and public health agencies, community-based groups, health-support organizations, physicians, the media, and concerned citizens, and when appropriate advocate for policy changes that serve its mission.

TEDX’s role is to assure the integrity of the science that supports the endocrine disruption movement and the larger environmental health movement by maintaining and championing the scientific foundations of sound advocacy.