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Chemicals in Oil and Gas Operations

What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production

Dr. Colborn has delivered her talk "What You Need to Know About Natural Gas Production" many times across the country. It has educated and motivated individuals nationwide to organize and address the environmental and health issues raised by natural gas operations. She calls for full public disclosure of all chemicals used during drilling and fracturing and raises the issues of ground-level ozone and air pollution that have been almost completely ignored.

Now, TEDX has produced a video of this lecture, complete with photos and data slides to illustrate the fact that natural gas is not the 'clean energy' that industry is touting it to be. 


Click here to view this 47 minute video. If you have trouble viewing the video, hit the pause button and wait 
for the video to load completely before playing.

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Please share this with others who are concerned about these issues. We need your help to spread the word!