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Endocrine Disruption

Videos and Webinars

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Endocrine Disruption and Unconventional Oil and Gas Production



EDC Science Briefs - a teleconference series

Learn about the broad range of effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals in this series of half-hour teleconference presentations in which leading scientists present the latest research on endocrine disruption and the immune system, the metabolic system, the brain, behavior and more. (30 min., sponsored by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment's EDC Strategies Group)


   2017 Series: EDC Science Briefs

  2016 Series: EDC Science Briefs

   2015 Series: EDC Science Briefs

   2014 Series: Endocrine Disruption - Widening the Scope

Videos and webinars featuring TEDX staff

Endocrine Disruption at the Top of the World: State of the Science with a Message from Alaska. In this webinar, Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski presented highlights of 25 years of endocrine disruption science and spoke about recent scientific advances and how hormone disruption may be a common causative factor in many diseases and disorders of the modern world. She also shared her impressions from the 2016 Children’s Environmental Health Summit, “Protecting Children at the Top of the World”, and how the stories of Alaska hold lessons for us all. (61 min., October 2016, hosted by CHE-Alaska)

Protecting Public Health Through Cleaner Fuels and Lower Emissions: On December 14, 2015, the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) held a Congressional Briefing examining the health impacts of current octane sources and the need for cleaner, cost-effective octane providers.  Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski discussed TEDX’s recent review of health effects associated with ambient level BTEX exposure and their endocrine disrupting properties.  Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) are retrieved during fossil fuel extraction and used as gasoline additives and for many other consumer products. (15 min., December 2015, hosted by EESI)

On the 8th of October the SIN List was updated with additional 28 chemicals that ChemSec has identified as being Substances of Very High Concern. Watch this presentation by Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski at the launch of the updated SIN List and SINimilarity: The new SIN List substances and the science behind their inclusion. (13 min., October 2014, hosted by ChemSec)

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Science, Policy, and What You Can Do. This video provides an introduction to endocrine disruption for the lay person (8 min., April 2014, hosted by TEDX)

An excellent video on endocrine disruption produced by Earth Focus: UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals. (27 min., December 2013, Link TV)

Endocrine Disruptors in Plastic: Bisphenol A & Phthalates. This webinar, presented by Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski, is part of a series on chemicals found in everyday products. (28 min., November 2013, hosted by Green Science Policy Institute)

Letter to the President: Theo Colborn at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012. Dr. Colborn implores the President and First Lady of the United States to act now to address the failure of current laws to protect the public against endocrine disrupting chemicals. (17 min., October 2012, TEDxMidAtlantic)

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals - New Directions in Science and Policy. Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski speaks on current directions in endocrine disruption science, why the old system of setting safety standards doesn’t work for endocrine disruptors, and how the principles of endocrinology can be used to create a better system. (60 min., July 2012, presented by ACAT's Alaska Collaborative on Health and Environment)

The Male Predicament. Dr. Colborn uses scientific facts, photos and a touch of humor to describe how males are particularly susceptible to endocrine disrupting chemicals. (37 min., 2009, TEDX)

Endocrine Disruption and Environmental Health: Ten Years After Our Stolen Future. This call covered the present state of endocrine disruptors, ten years after the seminal book, Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Own Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? - A Scientific Detective Story, was published and features the authors: Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski and John Peterson Myers. (60 min., May 2006, presented by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment)