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Prenatal Origins of Endocrine Disruption

Prenatal Origins of Cancer

Graphs and Tables

October 2007

The following charts examine the data in the Fetal Origins of Cancer Spreadsheet in a variety of ways. They are meant to compliment and visually explore the results of the data analysis included in the Exposure Pattern Table and the System Analysis Table. Some of the data in the tables has been compressed and grouped so that it would translate more easily into visual form. Please refer to the tables for a more extensive breakout of the data.

There are also two tables available as downloadable PDFs only:


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Type of Exposure

Graph 1

Number of Studies
for Each Exposure

Graph 2

Smoking, Air Pollution
and Radiation

Graph 3

Metals, Industrial Chemicals,
Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides

Graph 4

Food and Water, Medication,
Alcohol and Drugs, Maternal Factors

Graph 5

Maternal and
Birth Factors

Graph 6

Human and Animal

Graph 7

Studies Linking Prenatal Exposures of Fathers
to Cancer in Children

Graph 8


Graph 9