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Prenatal Origins of Endocrine Disruption

Prenatal Origins of Cancer

Spreadsheets and References

The Prenatal Origins of Cancer Spreadsheet presents the results of a comprehensive search of the scientific literature for evidence that postnatal cancers may be determined prior to birth. The spreadsheet contains over 750 published articles examining a wide range of exposures from smoking and air pollution, to industrial chemicals, to maternal factors such as illness and medication. Studies were categorized according to the exposure and the system affected (e.g., blood, brain, breast) and summary tables and charts were created to help describe the data.

Click here to download a spreadsheet of the following data:

  • Studies
  • References
  • In Vitro Studies
  • Reviews and Commentaries
  • System Analysis
  • Paternal Exposure
  • Paternal Exposure Records
  • Charts
  • Exposure Charts
  • Exposure x System Charts

Click here to download a PDF document of the references and abstracts.