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The weeks shown in color represent the start and end points of chemical exposure for each study.

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Results for Bisphenol A

Increased MAP2- and synapsin I- positive areas, and synaptic density, at 100 nM but decreased them at 1000 nM

Subjects: SD rat hippocampal cells

Chemical: Bisphenol A

Low doses tested: 1, 10, 100 or 1000 nM

Route of administration: dissolved and added to culture media

Exposure duration: gestational day 15 plus 3 days in culture – gestational day 15 plus 10 days in culture (comparable to human prenatal development from approximately day 1 of week 8 to day 1 of week 22)

Age of measurement: 15 days post-fertilization plus 10 days in vitro

Reference [PubMed Link]
Yokosuka M, Ohtani-Kaneko R, Yamashita K, Muraoka D, Kuroda Y, Watanabe C. 2008. Estrogen and environmental estrogenic chemicals exert developmental effects on rat hypothalamic neurons and glias. Toxicology in Vitro 22(1):1-9.