The weeks shown in color represent the start and end points of chemical exposure for each study.

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Results for Dioxin (TCDD)

Decreased anogenital distance

Subjects: Sprague-Dawley rats

Chemical: Dioxin (TCDD)

Low doses tested: 1.0 μg/kg

Route of administration: dissolved in DMSO and delivered orally

Exposure duration: gestational day 18 – single dose (comparable to human prenatal development from approximately day 1 of week 8 to day 1 of week 9)

Age of measurement: 70 days of age

Reference [PubMed Link]
Ohsako S, Miyabara Y, Sakaue M, Ishimura R, Kakeyama M, Izumi H, Yonemoto J, Tohyama C. 2002. Developmental stage-specific effects of perinatal 2,3,7,8- tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin exposure on reproductive organs of male rat offspring. Toxicol Sci 66(2):283-292.