The Endocrine Disruption Exchange


The TEDX List is continually updated as new evidence becomes available and new or previously unlisted chemicals are called to our attention. New references and sources/uses are also updated periodically.

Update History

March 2017

We updated the list to include a use/source category for chemicals used during the process of unconventional oil and gas production and well development, as well as those measured in air, water and soil near those sites. In this update 66 potential endocrine disruptors were added and the use/source category was identified for 56 chemicals that were previously listed.

January 2017

In this update we added 284 chemicals to the TEDX List. Also, additional references were identified for 68 chemicals that had previously been listed.


From 2013-2015, 160 additional chemicals were added to the TEDX List. The use category information was added in October 2013.

2011–First release

The first public release of the TEDX List in 2011 contained 881 chemicals.