The Endocrine Disruption Exchange

Partnering with Nonprofits

TEDX partners with nonprofit organizations to help bring scientific information to key decision makers. We provide a variety of services, including identifying and evaluating scientific research on chemicals and health conditions, delivering presentations and providing testimony in our areas of expertise, making connections with relevant experts, and collaborating on projects large and small. 

Resources for nonprofits

Endocrine Resources

Get key talking points on Endocrine Disruption.

Download our Endocrine Disruption Fact Sheet designed to deliver basic information to policy makers and the public (available in English, Spanish and French).

Listen to our webinars to hear about the latest developments in endocrine disruption science.

Oil & Gas Resources

Learn the basics of Unconventional Oil and Gas development.

Hear leading experts answer your questions on our podcast Fracking and Health: Ask an Expert, and listen to scientists present their data in our webinars.

Our FrackHealth Database puts science at your fingertips. Search among published studies of health effects associated with unconventional oil and gas operations for just what you need.