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Fracking and Health: Ask an Expert

Podcast Episode 2. Dr. Michelle Bamberger answers Is our food at risk from livestock raised near fracking operations?

Podcast Episode 1. Dr. Seth Shonkoff answers Is our food at risk from oil and gas wastewater repurposed for crop irrigation?

TEDX Teleconference Calls

Thursday, April 27, 2017, 2-2:30 pm Eastern: Dr. Greg Goss presented Toxicology of fracturing flowback fluid — potential endocrine disruptor?

Thursday, April 13, 2017, 12-12:30 pm Eastern: Dr. Lisa McKenzie presented Oil and gas development: evaluating the implications.

TEDX in the News

TEDX's Senior Scientist, Dr. Katie Pelch presented at an interactive day of learning and discussion, exploring questions about toxics in everyday life hosted by UCLA Center for Occupational & Environmental Health, Toxics in Everyday Life.

TEDX's Executive Director, Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski wrote the introductory chapter to the new book Integrative Environmental Medicine, part of the Andrew Weil series. Book Co-editor Dr. Fred vom Saal was interviewed on FOX4 News Kansas City: MU researcher highlights levels of BPA found in common items, and what amplifies absorption.

TEDX's Senior Scientist, Dr. Katie Pelch wrote a guest blog for Toxic-Free Future to explain why TEDX supports continued reporting of the endocrine-disrupting chemical D4 (octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane) in the state of Washington.

The International Panel on Chemical Pollution of the United Nations Enviornment Programme released their Overview Report I: A compilation of lists of chemicals recognised as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) or suggested as potential EDCs, citing TEDX's List of Potential Endocrine Disruptors.

TEDX's Senior Scientist, Dr. Katie Pelch was quoted in Environmental Health News on BPA substitutions that mimic hormones in breast cancer cells.