Endocrine Disruption

TEDX List of Potential Endocrine Disruptors



CAS # 121552-61-2

Pesticide ingredient

Evidence Supporting This Chemical as an Endocrine Disruptor

Fang CC, Chen FY, Chen CR, Liu CC, Wong LC, Liu YW, Su JG. 2013. Cyprodinil as an activator of aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Toxicology 304:32-40.

Kugathas S, Audouze K, Ermler S, Orton F, Rosivatz E, Scholze M, Kortenkamp A. 2015 (in press). Effects of common pesticides on prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) inhibition in SC5 mouse Sertoli cells, evidence of binding at the COX2 active site, and implications for endocrine disruption. Environ Health Perspect.

Orton F, Rosivatz E, Scholze M, Kortenkamp A. 2011. Widely used pesticides with previously unknown endocrine activity revealed as in vitro antiandrogens. Environ Health Perspect 119(6):794-800.

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